Hello world! We are Changemakers4all!

On 11th of June 2018 began the story of Changemakers4all.

With 3 people, sitting on the table, and talking about the situation in this country after couple of weeks, #Changemakers4all was born.

How this cooperative, and why was created, we will share with you on our 1st birthday.

In the begining of july we will thank, and honnor all of our supporters, and club 50 members trought whole year who trust, and see the Change trough us, involving the support from our citizens and further too…

We will also show how much we appriciate the support from #EUComission,#Brussels, #TheEmbasyoftheNetherlands, #TheNetherlands

It will be continued.

So, stay tuned 🌍

With respect to you all 🙏

Welcome to our site. We are the Changemakers4all! This is a Cooperative which aims to uncover the treasures of Macedonia and unleash opportunities for people. We started up with a group of 8 people: 7 from Macedonia and 1 from The Netherlands. We are: Marina Tomova (President) and Saskia Harkema, Dimitar Novakov, Goce Tasevski, Dimitar Mijov, Venci Ristov, Lazar Stamkov and Vlado Angelovski (Executive Board). We focus on Tourism, Agriculture, Culture, Ecology and Education. Follow us through this website and our social media pages.

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